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Children and Junior Accessories

Prepare your little explorers for adventure with our collection of Children and Junior accessories. Stylish watches to always be on time, practical backpacks to carry everything you need, trendy caps for a cool look, stylish hats to protect yourself from the sun, warm gloves for winter, headbands and versatile neck warmers, cozy beanies to stay warm, and sturdy suitcases for big getaways. Which accessory will become their favorite for outdoor getaways?

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Discover stylish watches, practical backpacks, trendy caps, stylish hats, warm gloves, versatile headbands and neck warmers, cozy hats and sturdy suitcases, everything your children need to be perfectly equipped .

Stylish Watches

Our kids' watches don't just tell the time, they add a touch of style to every wrist. Featuring fun and colorful designs, they are perfect for little adventurers who want to always be at the forefront of fashion, while remaining punctual for their explorations.

Practical Backpacks

Pack everything you need for a day of adventure with our practical backpacks. Specially designed for children's comfort, they provide ample space to store a water bottle, snacks, toys and anything else they might need during their outdoor explorations.

Trendy Caps

Protect your kids from the sun while making them look cool with our trendy caps. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, they are the perfect addition to any outfit and provide essential sun protection on sunny days.

Stylish Hats

For optimal sun protection with a touch of elegance, opt for our stylish hats. Made from quality materials, they offer superior comfort and timeless style to accompany your children on all their summer adventures.

Warm gloves for winter, versatile headbands and neck warmers for chilly days, and cozy beanies to stay warm on cold winter days. With our collection of accessories, your children will be ready to face all weather conditions in style and comfort.

Robust Suitcases

For big family getaways, our sturdy suitcases are essential. Featuring durable wheels and ergonomic handles, they are perfect for carrying your children's belongings when traveling. With their durable design and generous capacity, they ensure nothing gets left behind on your next adventures.

Whatever accessory becomes their favorite, our collection of children's & junior accessories is designed to provide comfort, style and practicality at every stage of their journey. Prepare for unforgettable moments outdoors with our premium products.

Versatile Accessories

In addition to our core range, discover our versatile accessories that add a touch of adventure to every outfit.

Versatile Headbands and Neck Warmers

Q: What are multipurpose headbands and neckbands used for?

A: These versatile accessories provide lightweight protection against cold and wind while being breathable and comfortable to wear. They can be worn in different ways depending on the child's needs: as a headband to keep hair out of the face while hiking, or as a neck gaiter to protect the neck and chin from the cold during a winter walk .

Q: Are the headbands and chokers suitable for all seasons?

A: Yes, their versatility makes them ideal for all seasons. In winter they provide extra protection against the cold, while in summer they can be worn as a lightweight fashion accessory to add a touch of style to a casual outfit.

Cozy Beanies

Q: Why choose our cozy beanies?
A: Our hats are made from soft, warm materials that keep your child's head warm in cold weather. Their comfortable fit and fun design make them the perfect accessory for chilly fall and winter days.

Q: Can they be worn during sporting activities?
A: Absolutely! Our hats are designed to provide optimal comfort while allowing complete freedom of movement. Whether it's a game of football in the snow or a family ski session, our cozy hats are ready to take on any challenge.

Robust Suitcases

For big family adventures, our sturdy suitcases are a safe choice.

What size suitcase is best for my child?

A: We offer a range of sizes to meet the needs of every child, from the little explorer to the more experienced traveler. For short stays, our cabin suitcases are perfect, while our larger suitcases provide plenty of space for longer trips.

Q: Are the suitcases easy for children to carry?
A: Yes, our suitcases are designed with ergonomic handles and sturdy wheels that allow your child to carry them easily, even when full. Plus, their lightweight, durable design makes them easy for little hands to maneuver.

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